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Thomas M. Back, 1957 - 2007
Farewell Thomas, we'll miss you...

TMB Optical To Continue Operations
As Family Tribute To Founder Thomas M. Back

In tribute to legendary optical designer Thomas M. Back, who passed away unexpectedly in late 2007, the Back family has completed efforts to continue the operations of the company he founded. The company, TMB Optical LLC, made its public reintroduction at the Northeast Astronomy Forum & Telescope Show on April 26 and 27, 2008.

According to company president Charles Back, brother of the company’s late founder, "The company’s goal is to protect and maintain the good name and reputation of Thomas Back, while making some of his finest designs available on an ongoing basis to amateur astronomers worldwide. Some of Thomas’ designs have not yet been incorporated into telescopes and eyepieces, meaning that future products will add to Thomas’ legacy and continue to advance the art, even after his passing."

The finest telescopes for the most serious lunar/planetary observer and dedicated CCD and photographic imager, TMB Optical uses the most advanced designs and optical glass formulations for the ultimate in image quality. Incorporating the largest aperture range of true apochromatic lenses in the world, our air spaced fully multicoated triplet lenses are totally free from secondary color, providing the highest contrast possible, making the TMB Apochromatic refractors edge of the art telescopes.

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